The Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media Portfolio of Eunice Sim

A still-life painting of a vase of flowersMorning Delight

Eunice Sim holds degrees in both Oriental painting and divinity, two fields that seem to intersect and inform each other within the artist’s portfolio. Eunice’s painting, drawing, and mixed media artworks are usually figurative, and showcase the artist’s skill at rendering subjects delicately and with just the right amount of detail.

A painting of some fruit next to a vessel of waterUntitled


I love the gestural, momentary quality of many of Eunice’s works. Her paintings, like those seen in her still life and flowers gallery, have an impressionistic quality to them. There’s an interesting tension between the idea of these works being rendered with meditative deliberateness, and the idea that they’re sketched out as fleeting observations in just a few minutes.

The front page of Eunice Sim's art

Eunice’s portraits hold a similar quality. In painted portraits, the artist presents her subjects as quiet and dignified, often using deep Earth tones to create subdued yet warm backgrounds. On the other end of the spectrum, the artist’s abstract Pour works express a joy at the act of laying down paint, without planned detail.

A painting made by pouring acrylic paint onto a canvasFaithfulness, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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