Gestural and Geometric: An Art Portfolio by Irene Lisny

An abstracted acrylic painting with red and pink tonesTAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS, acrylic on canvas

Irene Lisny is a painter who works primarily in acrylic paint, creating images both abstract and figurative that utilize a variety of unique visual languages. The artist’s abstract paintings are both gestural and geometric, and Irene also tends to combine abstracted elements with figures.

An abstract painting with bright, warm coloursSANTANA, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s Abstract gallery on her portfolio website showcases a widely varied sense of aesthetics. Some works take the form of geometric compositions, hearkening to the work of Graham Hall or Sarah Trundle. In other pieces, the artist splashes paint and creates overlapping marks of colour that seem more reminiscent of paintings by David Tycho.

The front page of Irene Lisny's art


In Bursts of Joy and My Nature, Irene takes on flowers, plants, and landscape subjects, rendering them in a style that oscillates between hard, illustrative line art, and gestural, near-abstraction. The works in these galleries express a style that’s unique and cohesive, despite -- or perhaps because of -- its variance.

A painting of a red flowerSUMMER TEARS, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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