Zinski Design: The Design Portfolio of Robert Porazinski

A design for a proposal system for Pratt Design StudioPratt Design Studio proposal system

Robert Porazinski creates streamlined communication designs under the name Zinski Design. Robert’s portfolio includes examples of designs for print media, advertising, presentations, and user interfaces.

A design for a sleek powerpoint presentationHu Friedy Powerpoint presentation


I like the way that Robert balances functionality with sleek aesthetics that are easy to view and navigate. Many of the examples in the artist’s portfolio contain a huge amount of information, and it’s impressive to see how the artist organizes this information and creates a logical framework for it, allowing readers and viewers to successfully navigate each product, page, or image.

The front page of Robert Porazinski's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Robert's design portfolio website


Like fellow graphic designer Nathalie Gribinski, Robert has a great ability to adapt his unique visual language to suit the needs of the client and the medium. Robert has a great sense of colour, using it not only to add interest and visual “pop” to his compositions, but also to convey deeper meaning and complement the text elements.

A prototype screen for a conference callIntercall interactive conference prototype

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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