Studio Sunday: Pakui Hardware

A photo of Naringa from Pakui Hardware at work in her studio


Pakui Hardware is a duo comprised of artists Neringa Cerniauskaite and Ugnius Gelguda. The pair are based in Berlin, Germany and Vilnius, Latvia. The artists’ works incorporate a range of novel materials, and comprise sculptural elements and full-scale installation works that toe the line between the organic and the man-made.


Pakui Hardware’s studio space is quite small, and the artists seem to keep it quite clean. The walls look polished and pure white, with no marks or scuffs. It’s interesting to see the hardware that the artists use in conjunction with their specific practice -- it looks like some of the hooks on the wall, and perhaps elements of the structure pictured behind Cerniauskaite might simply be apparati for holding up drying sheets of resin.


Pakui Hardware produces a lot of these organic-looking yet highly synthetic forms -- some of their works remind me of pieces by Stephanie Cormier.


In recent works, Pakui Hardware has been exploring the relationship between technology and the economy, as well as the human body. This latter comparison is clear in works that use resin and other molded materials to create biological forms, supporting them and combining them with tech-based elements like some of those seen in the above photo.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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