The Art and Design Portfolio of Alex Cruz Studio

A photo of a before and after renovation of a private homeSingle family residential renovation design, North Burnaby, BC

Alex Cruz works in architecture and design, creating sleek, updated designs for residential buildings and houses through Alex Cruz Studio. Alex also has an impressive photography portfolio, packed with images from his travels around the world.

A photo of a house next to the design render of the houseReal versus Render, Maple Ridge, BC


It’s interesting to see the way that Alex’s studio addresses different concerns for different residential properties, and creates designs that maintain the unique look of each building, while updating and revamping the facade. The artist’s portfolio features before and after images, as well as concept renders, and it’s neat to be able to see how an idea takes shape through collaboration with the property owners.

A screen capture of the Alex Cruz Studio


The artist’s photographs have a journalistic feel to them, though the subject matter is not always so straightforward. In many images, the camera lens is trained on an interesting architectural element or design -- giving the viewer a firsthand look at the artist’s source of inspiration and fascination.

A photograph of a gateway in ThailandGateway

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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