Psychedelic Abstraction: The Art Portfolio of Mark Jungmeyer

A painting of a sweeping seascape with cliffsGrand Seascape

Mark Jungmeyer is based in Springfield, Illinois, where he creates works of art spanning a variety of subjects and styles, including landscape, abstraction, and portraiture. The artist’s style moves easily between detailed realism and wild, psychedelic abstraction.

An abstract painting in deep red huesBlack #2 Nebula


I really enjoy the works in Mark’s gallery of abstract works. The pieces in this series are all packed with such intensely saturated hues that they appear molten, as if energy and heat radiate off the very surface of the canvas. The flowing, random compositions hearken to pour pieces by Luis Pagan, and are reminiscent of the surface of distant planets, or clouds of coloured gas in space.

The front page of Mark Jungmeyer's art portfolio


While Mark’s figurative works are more contained and subdued, there’s still a palpable sense of energy in his landscapes and floral pieces. A painting of ocean waves crashing against a cliff face, for example, seems to readily capture the volume and speed of ocean currents.

A painting of two bright flowers on a black backgroundMidnight Stargazers

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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