A Portfolio of Abstract Artworks by Adam Thomas

A painting of a landscape made with oil and a palette knifePeace and Quiet, oil and wax on panel

Adam Thomas is an Chicago-based artist who creates abstract artworks inspired by landscapes. The artist paints in oils, often mixed with wax medium and applied using a palette knife, to build up dense, fields of geometric marks that speak to the colour and tone of a particular sky in a particular place.

A painting made using blue and orange huesAqua


I’m really enjoying Adam’s abstract paintings -- the way the artist applies the paint, with small, uniform marks that overlap slightly, creates a sense of shimmering movement in each image, like the viewer is looking through a blurred piece of glass at a dynamic landscape or watching a sunset while it happens. The artist’s colour palettes vary greatly, though Adam seems to have a good eye for selecting colour combinations that evoke a particular mood or atmosphere.

A screen capture of Adam Thomas' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Adam's portfolio website


The artist also demonstrates impressive skill with figurative subject matter -- in his paintings of clouds and animals, Adam utilizes the smooth blending capabilities of his favoured medium to create sharply defined images of recognizable subjects.

A painting of a polar bear swimming underwaterAnana

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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