The Art Portfolio of Photographer G.W. Jones

A photo of nighttime constructionNight Work 1


Photographer G.W. Jones uses the photographic medium as a method of seeing the world through a variety of different lenses and viewpoints. From series that are divided both by style and subject, G.W. has created a portfolio that has something for every viewer.

A photo of a neon motel sign at nightMagic Beach Motel


I really enjoy the way that G.W. tailors the style of each photograph to suit the subject matter, time of day, angle, and other variables in the photographic process. Rather than trying to strictly capture each subject in an existing framework, G.W. lets his subjects speak for themselves. I find the artist’s nighttime shots especially interesting -- photographs of night construction work turn everyday industrial equipment into strange machinery glowing almost eerily under halogen lamps. A photograph of a motel’s neon signage at night is reminiscent of work by Mark Broyer.

The front page of G.W. Jones' photography portfolio


In our previous feature of G.W.’s work, we looked at some of the artist’s personal projects and photo manipulations. These, too, showcase the artist’s versatility, and his ability to take photographs in unique natural lighting or add his own twist in post production.

A photograph of a building exteriorUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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