The Art Portfolio of Jeffrey Fine

An abstracted painting of a city with a dancing figureDancing City

Jeffrey Fine is an artist who works in paint and mixed media, building landscapes, city scenes, and abstract compositions out of wildly colourful, overlapping, curving forms. The artist is mainly self-taught, and his current portfolio represents multiple decades of prolific work and visual exploration.

An abstract painting of a city made with blue tonesCity


It’s interesting to note that Jeffrey’s artistic practice has, for much of the artist’s life, sat alongside a professional career in psychology. This knowledge sheds light on the more meditative, introspective aspects of the artist’s compositions, and lends a sense of symbolism and deeper meaning to many of the works. Jeffrey’s painting style seems to focus on capturing the mood and energy of a given space or scene, with alien figures that become representative of the artist’s own unique visual language.

A screen capture of Jeffrey Fine's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Jeffrey's portfolio website


Jeffrey’s painting style seems to draw influence from the likes of Philip Guston or even Richard Pousette-Dart. Like these earlier painters, Jeffrey’s works are heavily textured and utilize clearly delineated, but abstracted, forms.

A painting of a figure that looks like the statue of libertyInaugural

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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