Studio Sunday: Walter Robinson

A photo of Walter Robinson at work in his studio


Walter Robinson is an artist currently based in Long Island City, New York. Though he gained significant recognition as a painter in the 1980s, Robinson left painting for a time to focus on art writing and critique, founding the print incarnation of the well-known art magazine Artnet. The artist retired from writing in the early 2000s, and returned to painting.


Robinson’s studio here has a kind of warehouse-like feel about it. There’s bright fluorescent lighting, but no visible windows, white walls, and paintings stacked in every available space. The artist is known for his paintings that reference popular culture and consumerism, and it’s interesting to see the wide range of subject matter that’s visible even just in this photo. The painted subjects here encompass food, figures, objects, and more.


It’s a bit hard to tell, from this photo, exactly where the majority of the artist’s actual work gets done. In the left corner of the image there’s a ladder, and a table which might house some works in progress. It looks like Robinson is holding up a binder of printed images of his paintings.


The slightly gestural, painterly style that Robinson uses reminds me of contemporary painters like Ashley Longshore, who also addresses memetic contemporary culture. It’s encouraging to see an artist who took a long break from painting come back so strong. It looks like Robinson is enjoying his work, in his current studio.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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