Fujiwara Art Inc.: The Art Portfolio of Kim Fujiwara

A painting of a family of Native American people in the American old westPainting Faces, oil

Kim Fujiwara has been honing his painting and illustration skills for decades at his personal studio, Fujiwara Art Inc. In his practice, Kim creates beautifully realistic, painterly images of human figures and landscapes.

A painting of a woman in a corset standing in front of a mirrorBianca's Saloon, oil


As we saw in our previous feature of Kim’s work, we looked at the artist’s penchant for smooth, skillful portraiture. The conventions that the artist employs in his portrait work are put into practice throughout his portfolio -- soft, natural-feeling lighting, blended but painterly brush marks, and an eye for detail and colour lend a sense of storybook realism to every scene.

A screen capture of Kim Fujiwara's art portfolio websitewww.kfgallery.com


The artist’s current portfolio features numerous paintings of the American West, as well as imagery featuring ornate, antique architecture and objects. Browsing through Kim’s overall portfolio gives one the sense of having stepped into another world.

A painting of a lighthouse on a beachPt. Betsie, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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