Pueblo Pottery: The Portfolio of Madeline E. Naranjo

A fired clay pot carved with imagery of people and objectsUntitled

Madeline E. Naranjo is a ceramic artist based in Santa Clara, New Mexico. In her practice, Madeline creates works in the Pueblo pottery style, building up a variety of vessels by hand-shaping and carving clay, before firing and painting.

A hand-carved ceramic vessel with curved lines and a polished black surfaceMelonball


The artist’s finished pottery works are beautifully smooth and shiny. Each vessel has a strong presence, and the artist’s hand-carved detailing and monochromatic paints and glazes lend to a very cohesive style overall. Given that each pot is a single colour, it’s interesting to see how Madeline uses smooth versus matte finishing to lend variety of hierarchy to the shapes.

A screen capture of Madeline E. Naranjo's art portfolio websitewww.madelineenaranjo.com


The artist’s portfolio includes images from the process of producing a pot, giving viewers a fascinating look inside Madeline’s practice. These process photos also reveal just how painstaking the making of Pueblo pottery is, lending a sense of gravity to this collection of works.

A collage image set of a pot displayed outdoors with flowersproud moment

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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