The Art Portfolio of Brad Nuorala

An abstracted painting of a cactus against a green wallUntitled

Brad Nuorala is an abstract and figurative painter based in the United States. In his practice, Brad favours the use of acrylic paints, creating images on a variety of surfaces included canvas, board, and paper.

A painting of the legs of a person wearing cowboy bootsJulia, acrylic on board


I like the cohesiveness of Brad’s overall portfolio -- though the artist experiments with a wide range of different imagery and subjects, he manages to maintain a pleasantly consistent style throughout his painting series. The artist’s palette features deep, soft neutral hues -- velvety greys and earthy tans and browns -- and compositions that reflect an understanding of and appreciation for colour combinations that could be found in nature.

The front page of Brad Nuorala's art portfolio


The works in Brad’s Flower and Cacti Paintings series represent a fascinating blend of pure abstraction and figuration. Brad does a wonderful job of parsing the shapes and colours of different organic forms and reproducing them in a way that allows for ambiguity and re-interpretation.

An abstracted painting with straight lines and an architectural aestheticSpace Port, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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