The Painting Portfolio of Gary Doll

A painting of a pathway through a meadowMission Creek #2, oil on canvas board

Gary Doll is a painter based in Kelowna, BC. In his studio practice, Gary produces gestural, impressionistic paintings of the landscape around his home and throughout British Columbia, with many of the works depicting mountains, trees, and bodies of water.

A painting of a treed peninsula in a lakeMaligne Lake -- Alberta, oil on canvas


I like the way Gary employs highly visible brush marks to lend each work a unique, distinctive style. The artist layers small brush marks to produce an effect that’s part impressionism, part pointillism. Some works lean into an aesthetic that hearkens to Van Gogh or Claude Monet.

The front page of Gary Doll's art portfolio


The artist’s abstract paintings take a different approach to paint layering -- in these works, pigment is scraped across the canvas surface with what looks like a palette knife or a similar implement. The resulting works are built up of long, ragged lines that sometimes hint at landscape elements and other times serve to emphasize the materiality and presence of pure paint.

An abstract painting made with scraped lines of colourScrape -- Lightning Strike, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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