The Art Portfolio of Jose Londono

A painting in red and white on a chunk of slateWithin Iciness, #14 in the series, acrylic on slate

Jose Londono is a New York-based artist who works in a variety of media including paint and photography. The artist’s paintings on slate represent an interesting exploration into the limits of the painted surface.

A painting on slate inspired by a crack in a glacierBreaking Free... #4 in the series, acrylic on slate


The heavy textures of Jose’s works on slate invite closer inspection and lend each painting a fascinatingly tactile presence. The works are mostly abstract, though occasionally reference a figure or inspiration through both title and composition. I like the way that Jose varies his colour palette and brush strokes while maintaining a cohesive look across multiples series, and the rough, not-quite-straight edges of many of the slate works give each piece a sculptural aesthetic.

A screen capture of Jose Londono's art portfolio


It’s interesting as well to be able to see the artist’s photographic works alongside his paintings. Jose’s photos capture faces, architectural elements, and plants and flowers, using a straightforward, documentary approach that emphasizes colour and shape.

A photo of a neon sign depicting a sunLight

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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