The Kinetic Art Portfolio of Len Millward

Purple Maze


Len Millward is a kinetic sculptor who works with a Kinetic Lenz of his own creation, producing works of video and still images that capture brightly coloured patterns of refracted light. The artist’s works represent a pure exploration into the quality of light and colour.


Extremely Slow Lightning


It’s interesting to browse through all the different short videos on Len’s art portfolio website. Each piece, poetically titled in a way that reflects the colour patterns seen in the clip, seems to represent a moment of pure observation. The video pieces have a certain meditative quality about them -- with the camera lens placed close enough to Len’s Kinetic Lenz to remove all suggestion of context of placement, these videos become totally abstract.

A screen capture of Len Millward's art portfolio

In our previous feature of Len’s Kinetic Lenz, we looked at the artist’s video stills, as well. It’s interesting to see how the artist is able to paint, in a manner of speaking, using this light-based system. I look forward to seeing more of what Len has been working on recently!

A still image of Len's Kinetic Lenz in actionUntitled (still image)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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