The Art Portfolio of Adam Mayster

A photo of a deer in a green meadowUntitled

Photographer and designer Adam Mayster captures the world around him in images that are digitally edited and enhanced so as to create a view of the world that’s just a little bit sharper and more saturated than life.

A photo of a bright yellow fieldUntitled


I appreciate the way that Adam utilizes photo-manipulation techniques to enhance his images. While the artist doesn’t shy away from more extreme alterations to the photographic image, he also uses the technology in subtle ways, like to enhance the colour of an already-vibrant sky, creating an image that’s dreamlike, but seems almost attainable.

The front page of Adam Mayster's art portfolio


As we saw in our previous feature of Adam’s work with photography and digital manipulation, the artist’s choice of subject matter varies, and his editing decisions seem to play off particular imagery. In his abstract photography, Adam often dials up the digital effects, creating works that are as much digital paintings as they are photographs.

An abstract photo with the appearance of iciclesUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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