The Art Portfolio of Kate Scoones

A mixed media artwork with intersecting floral patternsFlorage, oil, gouache, and fabric on birch panel

Kate Scoones is an artist based in Victoria, British Columbia. In her practice, the artist works as a painter, as well as a writer and art educator. Kate’s paintings often combine compositional aesthetics from abstraction and collage with traditional media like oil, gouache, ink, and acrylic.

A painting of a dense bunch of blackberriesBlackberry, oil, gouache, and ink on birch panel


I really enjoy the way Kate combines figurative painting with a more abstract, surreal sense of composition. As we saw in our previous feature of Kate’s off-kilter figurative works, the artist tends to place recognizable objects in bizarre configurations. Sometimes the artist builds compositions where elements of the background appear collaged or disjointed -- the resulting images invite closer inspection by the viewer.

The front page of Kate Scoones' art portfolio websiteKate's art portfolio website,


Kate’s recent works have a significant focus on floral forms and foliage. These paintings, at times, seem halfway between textile designs and gestural landscape paintings, with patterns of imagery that are so dense as to appear ordered.

A charcoal and conte drawing of a branch with flowersSalal, charcoal and conte on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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