Art Gallery Website: Canadian Abstract Art

An abstract painting with many overlapping lines of Earth tonesUntitled No. 14, acrylic on canvas (by David Tycho)

Canadian Abstract Art is an online gallery dedicated to showcasing and promoting abstract artwork by Canadian artists. The gallery was founded and is maintained by artist David Tycho, and features abstract painting in a wide range of styles.

An abstract painting with clean lines and bright primary coloursÀ la croisée des vitres, acrylic on linen (by Marcel Barbeau)

It’s interesting to be able to view this wide selection of abstract art alongside a brief history of the development of abstract artwork in Canada. The online gallery serves not just as a repository of images, but as a thoughtful, educational monument to the unique qualities and important figures of Canadian abstract art.

A screen capture of the Canadian Abstract Art online galleryThe front page of Canadian Abstract Art


It’s also interesting to view Tycho’s own work in such a well-developed context. The artist’s works are unique and specific to a contemporary time period, yet as with many works of pure abstraction, could be at home among peers from nearly any era.

An abstract oil painting with thick brush marks and a pale backgroundBercement Silencieux, oil on canvas (by Paul-Emile Borduas)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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