The Art Portfolio of Mikael Christian Strøbek

A sculpture made with brightly coloured shapesPC/BT/GS

Mikael Christian Strøbek is a Berlin-based artist who works primarily in sculpture, painting, and installation. The artist’s works are produced with an incredible sense of geometric precision, and seem to shed light on the mathematical and geometric principles present in each space they are installed.

A photo of a geometric sculpture in a gallery spaceThree/50/C.Black


I really enjoy Strøbek’s sculptural works, especially those made with narrow, coloured metal bars. There’s something slightly uncanny about the physical precision that the artist achieved in his sculptures. These pieces are so evenly painted, with such straight lines and smooth curvatures, that they often appear as though they were digitally inserted into a photograph of an empty gallery space.


In Strøbek’s paintings, a similar sense of tight measurement comes into play, and here the rough texture and natural colour of unprimed canvas seems to serve as a foil for the perfection of the artist’s painted compositions. There’s a beautiful tension in all of these works, one that demands a sense of reverence from the viewer.

A painting with a square of linen at its centreUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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