Studio Sunday: Ann Wood

A photo of the artist Ann Wood in her home studio


Our studio Sunday artist this week is Brooklyn-based textile artist Ann Wood. The artist is currently based in a home studio space, where she produces works that are as much fine art as they are craft. The artist’s practice encompasses small patchwork textile pieces -- dolls, sewn and stuffed animals, and botanical specimens -- and Wood also teachers others the techniques for producing similar works.


Wood’s studio is based in her home -- in fact, judging from this photo and from others, it appears that the artist lives in the studio. The table at which Wood is working could easily double as a desk or dining table, and the furniture and walls look like those of an old and well-maintained house.


This environment seems perfect for producing the type of work that Wood is well-known for, whimsical textile and craft-based pieces that emulate the forms of animals as well as plants and fungus. The house seems to be a perfect blend of antique and modern styles and aesthetics, and I find this sense of aesthetics reflected in the artist’s work. There’s an emphasis on many different textured and patterns -- I find this studio space quite inspiring from a visual and atmospheric standpoint.


Ann Wood’s artistic practice seems to draw from the styles of contemporary arts and crafts producers like Miriam Schapiro, or Ali Brumwell. There’s something inherently textural and tactile about the textile medium, and Wood embraces this wholly by producing works that are meant to be touched and held.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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