A Packed Array of Found Objects: Art by Bogdan Cheta

An installation view of an artwork featuring numerous found objectsthinking with you

Bogdan Cheta is a conceptual artist from Bucharest, Romania who is currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. The artist tends toward an installation format in his works, merging specific spaces with a packed array of found objects and other constructions.

An installation view of an exhibition featuring found objects and wall installationsWindowlicker

I enjoy the experimental, slightly chaotic atmosphere that’s present throughout Bogdan’s portfolio. The artist’s installation works are especially dense with different materials and objects -- even in photos, they give the impression of being in an extremely crowded room, filled with someone else’s possessions, every single one of which begs to be be examined both individually, and as a part of the overarching whole.

A screen capture of Bogdan Cheta's art portfolio websitewww.bogdancheta.com


Bogdan also works in less physical media, producing writing and poetry. On his art portfolio website, poetry combines with an aesthetic sensibility that reflects the frenetic stylings of the artist’s installations -- letters in bright neon colours clash wonderfully and deliberately with a soft pink background.

A screen capture of a poem written on Bogdan Cheta's portfolio websitean image, a sound & a place (excerpt)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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