Set Pieces and Props: Art by Andrea Buckle

A photo of a painted bluejay carvingUntitled

Andrea Buckle has combined her own distinct visual art practice with a career in film and television, using her artistic skills to build set pieces and props for a range of productions. Andrea’s portfolio also extends into decor, renovations, and photography.

A photo of a public artwork in the form of a carved eagle in a treeUntitled


I like how the artist is able to maintain a distinct style through such a varied and far-reaching portfolio. In our previous feature of Andrea’s assemblages of driftwood, we saw the way the artist incorporates a uniquely rustic style into many of her constructions. In one of the artist’s recent decor projects, Andrea utilizes a similar eye for natural-looking, deliberate imperfection, building an array of bright, spring-like flowers out of paper and other materials.

A screen capture of Andrea Buckle's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Andrea's portfolio website


As a prop-buyer and set decorator, Andrea puts her style to use again, building and staging realistic scenes in a variety of interiors. Andrea’s sets look true-to-life and easily believable with the artist’s prop selections.

A flower made with scraps of coloured paperUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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