Conscious and Unconscious: Art by Mandira Bhaduri

An artwork consisting of a pattern in earthy tones on acrylic paperWall2, acrylic, gesso, stencils on acrylic paper

Mandira Bhaduri was born in Kolkata, India, and spent many years living in the United States before returning to Kolkata in 2016. The artist’s practice takes many different forms, though Mandira often explores the ideas of and connections between conscious and unconscious communication.

A small painting and collage with fiery red coloursA colour-washed life 14, mixed media and collage on watercolour paper


Mandira’s current portfolio reflects a long-standing appreciation for exploration and experimentation with artistic technique and style. The artist often combines a variety of materials in a single work, from more traditional art media like paint and ink, to fragmented fabrics, found objects, and even repurposed traces of older artworks. The resulting works give off a sense of conceptual density, asking the viewer to unpack layer upon layer of woven meaning and memory.

The front page of Mandira Bhaduri's art


This idea of “weaving” comes into play throughout Mandira’s portfolio, both in terms of the way the artist combines various disparate materials, and in the way that each series seems to weave together a narrative of past and present, and conscious and unconscious decision-making.

A mixed media artwork with earth tones and floral imageryMoments Unnoticed, acrylic, gesso, calligraphic acrylic ink, brush pens on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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