Painterly, Emotional Images by David Yawman

An acrylic painting of a woman weaing black and reclining on a floorRaquel, acrylic on canvas

David Yawman is a Brooklyn-based painter who frequently works in portraiture, creating painterly, emotional images that capture subjects in the midst of mundane activity. The artist also produces abstract works bursting with saturated colour and movement.

A self-portrait of the artist reclining on a sofaSelf-Portrait


I enjoy the textural quality of David’s paintings. Working in acrylic on canvas, the artist captures the rich textures of fabric and hair, and imperfections and variations in skin tone, with apparent ease. There’s a sense of intimacy in all of the artist’s portraits, both in the warm, dim lighting that the artist often evokes, and David’s use of just first names in his titles. As a viewer, each of these paintings feels like a chance meeting with the subject.

The gallery of works on David Yawman's art portfolio websiteDavid's portfolio gallery


I really enjoy David’s recent abstract works. These paintings are quite a departure from his portraits, but carry a similar sense of appreciation for the painted medium. In these works David showcases his eye for colour matching and blending, producing landscapes of pure pigment that are a pleasure to look at.

A painting of a vibrantly colourful vase of flowersUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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