The Art Portfolio of Karine Molloy

An abstract painting that creates the illusion of a landscapePetit Printemps, mixed media

Quebec-born artist Karine Molloy is an abstract painter who works with bright colours and heavy, decisive brush marks, creating works that sit somewhere between gradient abstraction and line art.

An abstract painting with textural strokes of bright colourJoy, acrylic on canvas


I’m really impressed by the vibrancy of Karine’s recent artworks. In paintings produced between 2016 and 2018, the artist seems to have stepped up the saturation of her paintings even more than before. Throughout her portfolio, Karine demonstrates a great sense for composition and weight. Her arrangements, though abstract, often seem to emulate the movements of tangible forms, and Karine’s understanding of colour theory helps her to place strokes of bold colour in patterns that showcase the difference in tone and volume.

A screen capture of Karine Molloy's art portfolio


In recent works, the artist also utilizes a heavy application of paint to create a textured surface for the image itself. This further lends to the sense of each brush stroke as its own, self-contained object -- in addition to its existence as part of a whole.

A painting using many different brush marks layered over a horizon lineSuzie, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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