Wildlife and the Environment: Art by Nancy Sharp

A painting of a tortoise on a grassy backgroundGopher Tortoise (painted from a photo by Craig Oneal)

Nancy Sharp is an artist based in North Carolina. A self-taught artist, Nany paints primarily in acrylics. The artist’s recent works are largely concerned with wildlife and the environment, often taking endangered local species as their subjects.

A painting of a red wolf on a dark backgroundRed Wolf

It’s interesting to see how Nancy tackles so many different subjects with a clear eye for detail and realism. Birds, fish, mammals, and numerous species of animals are packed into her portfolio, and each is painted with a sense of reverence and great attention to detail. As previously mentioned, the artist’s subjects are mostly endangered species, which lends a sense of urgency to the works akin to Frederica Hall’s series The Red List. Nancy’s animal paintings also remind of the work of Mary Jane Jessen.

The front page of Nancy Sharp's website portfolioNancy's art website front page


In other works, Nancy focuses on the landscape of North Carolina, as well as portraits of friends and family. The artist creates portraits on a commission basis, with just as much appreciation for detail as in her animal paintings.

A bright painting of sunflowers growing in a patchSchweinitz's Sunflower (painted from a photo by Trina McNabb)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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