The Mixed Media Art Portfolio of Jen Fisher

An ink painting of a landscape at eveningevening, ink on Yupo

Jen Fisher is a mixed media artist based in Stevensville, Maryland. The artist utilizes a range of media including ink, collage elements, painting, and paper to build images that are often a blend of abstract and figurative styles.

An alcohol on Yupo painting in bright blue huesMoonlight, alcohol ink on Yupo


I’m particularly taken by Jen’s paintings in alcohol ink on Yupo. These works have a unique texture about them, somewhere between what you’d expect from watercolour and encaustic media. The artist uses the technique in delicate landscapes, and the bubbling, shiny quality of the alcohol ink creates a fantastically alien aesthetic.

Jen Fisher's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Jen's art portfolio website,


Throughout her portfolio, Jen experiments with a wide range of mixed media, incorporating a variety of textures and aesthetics into her works. There’s a sense of enthusiasm for any type of art that’s palpable on the artist’s website. In other galleries, Jen showcases works installed at shows and exhibitions, giving the viewer a look at the artwork in the “real world.”

A mixed media assemblage with torn pages of sheet musicSand, collage, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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