The Watercolour and Photography Portfolio of Joan Morris

A watercolour painting of bluebirds in flightBluebird, watercolour on Arches paper

Joan Morris works in watercolour and photography, with both sides of her practice seeming to inform the other. Based in Montana, the artist draws inspiration from nature, with flowers, foliage, and landscape imagery making up a large part of her subject matter.


A watercolour painting of still water in a marshMarshlands, watercolour on Arches paper


The artist’s watercolour paintings emphasize delicate brush work. Joan uses a mostly subdued colour palette that makes the bright pops of pigment -- for birds, fruit, and flowers -- stand out all the more.

The front page of Joan Morris' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Joan's art website


I love how the artist’s captures flowers and other colourful subjects in her photography, as well. The images seem to focusing in on the unique forms of petals, leaves, and occasionally, feathers. It’s really interesting to be able to see a photo of a flower in Joan’s photography portfolio, then find a similar form translated into paint in her watercolour gallery. I get a very interesting sense of the artist’s visual process from this examination.

A photo of a blooming yellow roseYellow Rose, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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