The Portfolio of Mixed Media Artist C.A. Pierce

A landscape painting with an emphasis on sky and cloudUntitled, acrylic

C. A. Pierce is a painter and mixed media artist based in Washington State. The artist often works in acrylic paint, layering pigments and hues over a substrate using brushes, palette knives, and other textural tools.

An acrylic painting of three female figures on an orange backgroundLadies of a Feather, acrylic


I really enjoy the overall mood conjured up by C.A.’s recent works. The pieces in this gallery seem to alternate between vast, peaceful land and seascapes, and more experimental, colourful abstractions. The landscapes, made up mostly of textured planes in a single colour, remind me a little of works by Nella Lush or Anne Popperwell, while the more colourful abstractions are reminiscent of frescoes by Paul Catalanotto.

A screen capture of C.A. Pierce's art portfolio


It’s interesting to browse through C.A.’s gallery and image what type of brush or implement might have been used to create a certain texture or look. I can see evidence of a palette knife in many works, but in her animal and figurative paintings I get the sense that further experimentation was employed.

An abstract painting with a large plane of bright redOn Stage, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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