A Portfolio of Mixed Media Works by Cynthia Nockold

A still-life sketch of items on a tableUntitled

Cynthia Nockold is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In her practice, Cynthia creates paintings and other mixed media works that celebrate the artist’s hand with large, painterly brush marks and colour palettes that range from subdued and earthy to bright neons.

An abstract drawing with bright colours on a dark groundMountain King


I really love the works in Cynthia’s current Abstracts gallery. These pieces are primarily made using soft pastels on Colourfix paper. On a dark-pigmented substrate, the artist’s mark-making shows up vibrantly, giving each work the feeling of an arrangement of neon tubes shining out from a darkened street sign. The subject matter of the works feels dreamlike and mythical, with an emphasis on lines and overlapping organic forms reminiscent of flowers.

The front page of Cynthia Nockold's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Cynthia's art portfolio website


Cynthia’s still lifes celebrate colour in a calmer, more approachable fashion. The artist’s choice of subject matter is often colourful vessels arranged on a table, each painted in heavy layers of opaque pigment.

An abstract drawing with bright chalk lines on a black backgroundTango 2

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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