Western Imagery: Art by Gary Cheatham

A painting of a cow skull mounted on a wallA Ghost from the Past, oil on canvas

Gary Cheatham is a painter who specializes in Western imagery. The artist’s portfolio demonstrates Gary’s love for the Wild West, with still-life imagery of cowboy artefacts featuring prominently.

A painting of a holster, cowboy hat, and other parapheneliaOne of The Good Guys, oil on canvas


I love the amount of fine detail that Gary packs into each of his works. Whether he’s painting a detailed scene with multiple figures, or a focused still-life, there’s an emphasis on form, material, and texture that creates a very realistic feeling for each painting. Many of the artist’s still-life works remind of pieces by Robert W. H. McCoy, another artist with a love for Western aesthetics.

The front page of Gary Cheatham's art portfolio websitehttps://www.garycheathamart.com/


Gary’s portfolio also includes a selection of older works that focus on contemporary landscapes and imagery from the local environment. These works demonstrate the flexibility of Gary’s painting skill, and his ability to tailor his style to suit different subjects.

A painting of two pairs of feet wearing sneakersBoogie Shoes, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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