The Painting Portfolio of Connie Scherr

A painting of waves crashing on a beachLaguna

Connie Scherr is a painter whose works are primarily inspired by nature. Working frequently from outdoor observation, Connie produces artworks that capture the beauty and expanse of the local landscape.

A painting of water flowing under an overpassBefore the Bypass


I love the smooth, sweeping brush marks that Connie uses to produce many of her landscape works. Though the subject matter varies, there’s a great sense of cohesion in the artist’s portfolio that stems from this unified style. The artist’s colour palette utilizes earthy browns, reds, greens, and blues for a realistic sense of colour and light.

A screen capture of Connie Sher's art portfolio


Connie studied under fellow plein air painter Brian Buckrell, developing her skill for observational nature painting. While Connie’s style has developed based on artistic instruction, it’s clear looking through the artist’s portfolio that the world around her is her main source of inspiration.

A painting of a house with white walls and a red roofThe Wedding House/San Clemente

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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