Illustrative Compositions: Art by Simona Zac

A painting of a bunch of peoniesPeachy Peonies, acrylic on gallery canvas

Simona Zac was born in Slovenia and now lives and works near Waterloo, Ontario. In her practice Simona explores a variety of painted media, creating illustrative compositions that vary in their use of colour and texture.  

An abstract painting with red and blue tones as well as gold leafFire and Ice 3, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

I love the way the artist utilizes line art in some of her works -- while one might traditionally think of line art as a method of sketching out an image or composition prior to laying down the final painted brush marks, Simona often utilizes line art as an additional element in her compositions. In many works it functions almost like a highlight -- a finishing touch that allows the important shapes and colours of the composition to stand out that much more.

The front page of Simona Zac's art portfolio


Elsewhere in her portfolio, Simona emphasizes large, textural planes of colour. In her abstract acrylic series Fire and Ice, she uses planes of colour (oranges and blues, fittingly) that seem to burn and melt into each other. In her Textured gallery, the planes take on a geometric, three-dimensional form.

An abstract painting with a large, textured brush stroke at its central pointUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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