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An assemblage artwork made of numerous found objectsSelf Portrait, found object assemblage (Bob Bucholz)

This Is It Gallery is an art gallery based in Chicago, Illinois. As a non-profit, the gallery is proud to offer a variety of programs and workshops to help foster the artistic community in and around the Chicago area.

A complex painting of two mythical figures, one a skeletonLa Sirena et Agwe, acrylic on canvas (Diane Green)


Gallery founders Bob Bucholz and Diane Green have artworks available on the gallery’s portfolio website alongside other member artists. It’s interesting to note the differences and similarities between all the artists’ styles. Bob works in assemblage, constructing sculptural works using found objects. Diane’s artworks capture the same kind of frenetic composition style using two dimensional materials -- paint, and occasionally collaged elements. Diane tends to paint on found materials as well, producing a range of interesting textures.

The main page of This Is It studio GalleryThe This Is It gallery main page


Other artists in the gallery seem to utilize a combination of aesthetics that’s in line with both Bob and Diane’s works. Getho Baptiste, for example, produces assemblage on an even larger, more monolithic scale, while other painters create colourful images with a kind of collaged aesthetic.

A painting of a warrior spirit silhouetted on a blue backgroundOgoun, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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