The Portfolio of Chickasaw Artist Larry Carter

A painting of four figures in an abstracted compositionOnly Four Returned, oil

Chickasaw artist Larry Carter uses a distinctive, colourful painting style to render nature, architecture, and human subjects with a great sense of energy. The artist has a penchant for highly saturated colours and large, heavy brush marks.

A painting of aspen trees in an abstract compositionWhispers of Fall


I like the almost fragmented appearance of many of Larry’s recent paintings -- I would guess that at least some of these were painted using a palette knife or a similar implement. The works have the same hard-edged, slightly geometric leaning as abstract works by Jeanie Gebhart.

The front page of Larry Carter's art portfolio


Larry’s Chickasaw Art series is especially interesting in the way that it combines abstract aesthetics with figurative subject matter. Horses, bison, trees, and human figures are represented using very sparing yet vivid brush marks. I wonder about the role of the titles in these pieces -- would the figures therein be so easily recognizable without the “clue” of the title?

An abstract painting of figures mounting a hill at sunriseCuster's Last Sunrise, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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