From Realistic to Surreal: The Art Portfolio of Jeanne Lloyd

An abstract painting in bright purple, blue, and green tonesAbstract Ecstatic

Jeanne Lloyd is a prolific painter who works with subject matter ranging from colourful abstraction to portraits of mythological figures and animals. The artist’s style ranges from realistic to surreal and abstracted, and her use of multiple styles for similar subjects suggests a love of experimentation.

A painting of a female face with gears and machinery overlaidSteampunk Fae Portrait


I like the cohesive overall style that’s present throughout Jeanne’s portfolio. The artist does a nice job of maintaining a distinct identity for her works even amid experiments with colour and media. Even in Jeanne’s Steampunk series, where the artist adds collage elements in the form of metallic gears and mechanical parts, the overarching style is completely recognizable.

The front page of Jeanne Lloyd's art portfolio

It’s great to see such a wide pool of different subjects and scenes in a single artist’s portfolio. Jeanne’s body of work projects a sense of exuberance, lending personality not only to the artist’s human subjects, but to animals and landscapes.

A painting of a fire spiritFIRE

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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