Inside the Art Studio of Lee Krasner

A photo of Lee Krasner at work in her studio


Painter Lee Krasner was born in Brooklyn and lived and worked in New York City throughout her life and career. The artist became known for her contributions to the American abstract expressionist movement of the 1950s and 60s. Many of her works featured collaged elements with wild, confident brush marks.


This photo of Krasner’s studio paints it as quite an expansive space, with plenty of room for the kind of energetic imagery that the artist was known for. The bottom half of the back wall is almost completely covered in the artist’s works, and they create a very interesting aesthetic for the space overall. Above these works, a row of large windows lets in a great deal of natural light.


Krasner looks very confident and in-charge of the space as she’s photographed, with the tools of her trade lined up in front of her. The materials themselves are haphazard and give the impression of constant, busy use, thought the space as a whole is actually rather clean. I wonder if Krasner shared much of this space with her husband, Jackson Pollock?


While Krasner made a name for herself with a unique and particular style, her work was frequently compared to that of her husband, and the two artists seemed to have inspired each other a great deal over the course of each of their careers. Krasner was also influenced by the works of Hans Hofmann.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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