The Art Portfolio of Brian Rusconi

A painting of a cubist face in profileVacation, acrylic on canvas

Brian Rusconi has been interested in art since he could hold a paintbrush, learning, as a child, from watching his grandmother paint. The artist’s current portfolio covers a variety of media and styles, with Brian’s obvious enjoyment of the practice shining through in each work.

An acrylic painting with abstracted figures and coloursAurora, acrylic on canvas


As we saw in our previous feature of Brian’s work, one could almost point to Cubist influences in some of the paintings. The artist’s works, like those in his Showcase gallery, are often brightly colourful and abstract in nature, with a style that’s distinct and contemporary, without being removed from art history.

A screen capture of Brian Rusconi's art portfolio

Some of Brian’s works remind me of drawings by Susan Te Kuarangi King. The works sometimes take recognizable subjects and remix them, blending them into brand new and interesting configurations. Given Brian’s expertise with colour, it’s interesting to look at those works where he uses neutral hues, with sepia tones and delicate line work forming illustrative figures.

A figure drawing made in contour lines and neutral tonesMeditation, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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