Spirituality and Awe: The Art of David G. Taylor

A painting of foliage surrounding waterNaiades

David G. Taylor was an artist and art writer who spent most of his career working in Montreal and Toronto. In his painting practice, David produced dense, textural images evoking an esoteric sense of spirituality and awe

A painting of a dense grassy fieldWe are Alive, We are Growing


I really enjoy the colour palettes that David used throughout his decades-long artistic career. These deep, decisive collections of hue, combined with the artist’s unique method of building volume through curved, undulating forms, creates the suggestion of an otherworldly presence. In early works, deep blues, greens, and purples punctuate heavily textured neutral tones that could be soil or the cracked walls of an ancient building.

A screen capture of the late David G. Taylor's art websitewww.davidgeorgetaylor.com


David’s dual career as an art writer meant that he was intimately familiar with the works of other artists who came before him. Two major influences of David’s are Francis Bacon and Paul Cézanne -- it’s easy to see the mark of these artists in both the neutral colour palettes and the slightly distorted, layered forms.

A painting of a vast sky over a body of waterThe Dawn Stealer, Crow River Study II

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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