A Portfolio of Expressive Illustration by Ashley Nitkin

A coloured pencil drawing of a catCat, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil

Ashley Nitkin is a Toronto-based illustrator, artist, and designer. In his artistic portfolio, Ashley shows off his skill with expressive illustration, and his eye for stylized detail. 

A gouache painting of a colourful, stylized catChinese Cat, gouache on paper


I’m enjoying browsing through Ashley’s catalogue of illustrations. The works, produced in combinations of watercolour, airbrush, ink, gouache, and other traditional media, are highly expressive, with an almost pop-art-esque quality about them. In his style, the artist toes the line between the cartoonish and the realistic, often creating images that place stylized emphasis on certain aspects of the subject matter. 

The front page of Ashley Nitkin's illustration portfolio websitewww.ashleynitkindesign.com


Ashley’s background in advertising work informs his artistic practice, and it’s interesting to see how the artist uses bright, attention-getting colours and expressive lines in so many of his works. The works in Ashley’s portfolio gallery, though highly varied and unique, never lose their sense of fun.

A detailed illustration of a houseParkdale House, ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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