A Geometric Edge: The Art of Robert Porazinski

A painting with stripes of colour overlapping and moving off the canvasLuna #2, acrylic on panel

Artist Robert Porazinski produces abstract paintings and artworks, often with a geometric edge, but sometimes veering into more experimental, materially-concerned structures. The artist has a background in commercial art and design, disciplines which inform many of his personal artworks. 

A sculptural painting with geometric shapes and monochromatic coloursTerrain #5, acrylic and spray paint on wood


It’s interesting to see just how much variation Robert is able to coax out of a relatively focused set of visual elements. The artist’s go-to colour palette is one that features primaries in subdued, slightly earthy iterations. In Robert’s recent series Interruptions, distorted, coloured stripes are painted on slightly textured OSB board, lending the abstractions a textured, almost natural look. The paintings themselves are reminiscent of works by Bridget Riley.

A screen capture of Robert Porazinski's art portfolio siteThe front page of Robert's art website


While Robert’s works tend to be hard-edged, referencing pure geometry and in some cases minimalism, the artist never loses sight of a human element. The works are approachable and almost warm in their abstraction.

A painting made with squares of complementary coloursConclusion #2, acrylic on Sintra

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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