A Portfolio of Striking Abstract Paintings by David Tycho

An abstract painting with heavy red and black stripesUntitled No. 6, acrylic on canvas

David Tycho is an abstract painter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In his practice, David creates large, striking abstract paintings with bold colours and confident brush marks. 

An abstract painting with rough, textured areas of colourUntitled No. 8, acrylic on canvas


I really like the energy that’s present in David’s paintings -- the artist’s method of laying down paint, scraping and dragging it across the surface of the work gives the viewer the impression that much difficult labour went into each creation. The energy of these works isn’t necessarily all positive -- the dark colours and slashes of paint are sometimes akin to the strife present in works by Leif Timber. Still, David’s presence in the works suggests control and intention, despite the sometimes chaotic appearance of the paintings.

The front page of David Tycho's painting portfolioThe front page of David's art website


Outside of his personal art practice, David also maintains the online Canadian Abstract Art gallery, a portfolio of work dedicated to promoting and preserving the work of, as the name would suggest, Canadian abstract artists.

An acrylic on canvas painting with abstracted stripesUntitled No. 10, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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