The Portfolio of Artist and Graphic Designer Stephen Plunkett

A photo of the Walter Scott memorial in ScotlandWalter Scott Memorial

Stephen Plunkett is an artist and graphic designer who works in commercial communication design as well as maintaining his own artistic portfolio. The artist works in illustration, photography, and digital art techniques, using a striking, graphic visual language. 

A black and white photo of a crow sculpturecrow


I’m a fan of Stephen’s black and white photography -- his current art portfolio contains a gallery of numerous photographs, each composed with striking attention to deep shadows and bright highlights. Though the photos depict mostly architectural subjects, the intense and striking contrast that Stephen employs creates a brief impression of pure geometric abstraction. 

A screen capture of Stephen Plunkett's art portfolio websiteStephen's portfolio website,


Elsewhere in his portfolio, Stephen marries this high-contrast aesthetic with bright colours, creating posters, branding designs, and creative illustrations all with a great sense of energy. The artist’s love for drawing comes through in his spaceship illustrations, which showcase a blend of technical and whimsical aesthetics.

A poster design for the city of Paris, FranceParis poster

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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