Modern Aesthetics: The Art of Nicholas Party

A pastel artwork of three birds on a tea potPot with three birds, pastel on paper

Swiss-born artist Nicholas Party works in painting, sculpture, drawing, and other media, creating compositions that exude modern aesthetics while existing in a contemporary art historical framework.

A pastel drawing of an alien landscapeLandscape, pastel on canvas

The artist’s graphic, colourful paintings are very attractive, and seem welcoming to the viewer. The artist seems to favour cool colours -- deep, electric blues and purples -- in his backgrounds, while building figures out of bright greens and pinks for high contrast. 


Working with subject matter including trees, human figures, and animals, Party’s visual language is one of simplified shapes and smoothed out forms that toe the line between representation and abstraction. In some works, especially those which feature forests of candy-coated trees, I’m reminded of magical landscape paintings by Rebecca Chaperon.

A painting of two bright figuresPortraits, pastel  on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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