Malavida: The Art of Alycia Rainaud

A painting made with bright, warm hues and dark shadowsSeptember Switchblade

Alycia Rainaud -- aka Malavida -- is an artist based in Paris, France. In her practice, the artist is a graphic designer and illustrator, and works to create abstract images built out of undulating waves of flowing colour. 

An artwork mimicking the look of holographic fabricTears On Screen


Rainaud’s work reminds me of that of J.D. Doria or Luis Pagan, especially in the way that she embraces and emphasizes the unique interactions of coloured media on a surface, the way that paint -- or light itself -- pools, flows, and merges when left to its own devices. It’s interesting, then, that a good number of the artist’s works are digital. There’s a palpable intersection between natural behaviour and strict, fractal mathematics in the creation of these works. 


As a graphic designer, Rainaud produces works in the form of book covers. The artist’s works seem equally suited to adorning the covers of a notebook as they do to featuring within the pages of an art book.

An abstract artwork like luminscent paint on a black backgroundWatching Trains

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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