High-Contrast Colour: The Art of Mary Maguire

A painting of Audrey Hepburn in blue tonesAudrey Hepburn Blue

Mary Maguire is an artist who currently lives and works in Shelby Township, Michigan. In her artistic practice, Mary paints on large canvases, using vivid, expressive brush marks and high-contrast colour palettes to bring a variety of subjects to life. 

An abstracted painting of a colourful cityscapeCity Vibes


I really enjoy the works in Mary’s portrait gallery -- the artist combines a skill for realistic detail with an eye for interesting colour schemes and technical effects, producing works that seem, occasionally, like they might be digitally manipulated photos. The highly graphic, striking style is reminiscent of some paintings by Stephen Middleton

A screen capture of Mary MacGuire's art websiteThe front page of Mary's art website


In her abstractions, Mary celebrates the rich texture of her chosen media, producing works in which paint is scraped and dragged across a massive substrate, drawing the viewer’s eye across the entire image as if one were taking in a sweeping landscape. The artist’s sense of colour is a common thread throughout the whole portfolio, helping to tie numerous subjects and techniques together.

An abstract painting with blue tonesOasis Interior View 1

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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