Pinterest Rocks For Artists - Part 4 of 4: The Student has Become the Master

Pintrest Wizardry: Level four
If you have been following my past three posts about becoming a Pinterest wizard you are probably already having a great time on Pinterest as you share your work and interact with other Pinners.


This post is the last post in this series and I want to impart some of the gems of information about promoting and organizing using Pinterest.


1. Pin items that are in line with your artwork's style or subject. Having separate boards that can help add context to your work will help your followers to grasp what your art is all about. If 60's film is a heavy influence in your work then have a board dedicated to that. You can have a board dedicated to images of colour combinations that you are drawn to for your own paint mixes etcetera.


2. Create pins and collections of pins that people will look forward to sharing with all of their friends and followers. This means curating the content of each of your boards so that it is specific to that board and not too random.


3. Use one or two appropriate hashtags, #, to help others find your work by searches within Pinterest for example #art is a no-brainer! 


4. If you add a price inculding a currency sign to your Pin description you  can get added to the "Gifts" area of Pinterest.


5. You can always put a call to action in the pin description asking people to "click through" to your website or repin your pin. Or you can use a bit of text that makes people curious about checking out the rest of your site " Click image if you love icebergs!" could be used for one of my pin descriptions since I have been painting alot of icebergs lately.


6. You can pin links to any art newsletters that you send out if they are through Mail Chimp or Mad Mimi and pin all of your blog posts with descriptive text for the pin that hints at what might be covered in the post. For example: Upcoming Art Exhibition or Check out the new paintings added to my Portfolio.


7. Start a board for galleries that you are interested in and then you have your own board of visual bookmarks that lead directly to their websites so you can quickly see what's new with them on-line!


8. Have a work in progress board where you pin photos of your studio, work in progress etcetera. You can pin videos of you working as well.


Welcome to Pinterest Wizardry Level 4, I hope it was helpful, happy pinning!

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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