An Impressionist Approach: The Art of Yvonne Foster

A painting of a Ferris Wheel lit up at nightBetty Danger's At Night, oil on canvas

Yvonne Foster is a painter based in Wisconsin. Inspired by the landscapes of Lake Superior and Ireland, as well as the urban atmosphere of Minneapolis, Yvonna creates paintings in acrylic and oil that take an impressionist approach to a wide range of subjects. 

A painting of a stone arch bridge in sunlightStone Arch Bridge, oil on canvas


I enjoy the variation in subject matter in Yvonne’s 2018 Exhibit gallery. This selection of landscapes and natural details creates an overall impression of a real landscape, dense with different plans and environmental features. Looking through these paintings one has the sense of inhabiting a real space. 

A screen capture of Yvonne M. Foster's art portfolio


I like the delicate manner in which Yvonne incorporates texture into her paintings, particularly those in oil. Flowers and the leaves of trees are rendered in three-dimensions, with thick blobs of paint that are placed with intention while leaving enough space for random forms to create an interesting aesthetic.

A lush painting of slightly abstracted flowers in a gardenMy Garden

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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