Introspective Narratives: Art by Armando Sebastian

A painting of a woman in a black dress in front of a landscapeRayo de Luna/Under the Moonlight, oil on canvas

Armando Sebastian is an artist from Mexico City, who creates figurative paintings that extoll surreal, autobiographical, and introspective narratives. The artist’s style is inspired by Mexican folk art, as well as contemporary poets, musicians, and other pop-cultural detritus. 

A painting of a person with an extremely long spiraling ponytailWhen I have long hair, oil on canvas


I like the almost illustrative style that Armando employs in his paintings. The figures are stylized, but convey enough symbolic detail to allow the viewer to form an impression of the deeper meaning of a piece, or to draw their own inferences and personal connections to the imagery.

The front page of Armando Sebastian's art websiteThe main page of Armando's art portfolio website


As we saw in our previous feature of Armando’s work, the artist uses a deliberately illustrative, almost childlike style of rendering surreal fantasy figures. The style serves not only to reference folk art, but to lend a certain starkness to the images. The figures, though adorned with often lavish artefacts and symbolic objects, gaze out unflinchingly from the canvases, making it impossible for the viewer to pass over them.

A painting of two boys in a lush gardenBoys in the Garden, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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